Inter in the race for Pellegrini: Spalletti signs up for the auction

With the Champions now more and more in the crosshairs, Inter can afford to enter the auction for Lorenzo Pellegrini. The Roma midfielder has been close to Juventus for months, but in recent times even the Nerazzurri have moved their pawns. The main sponsor of this thrust is Luciano Spalletti who evidently has long known the qualities of the Giallorossi talent that had peaked in the youth under the guidance of Vincenzo Montella. Not surprisingly, last summer, before returning to base after the experience at Sassuolo, Milan's interest had been more than explicit. Now, however, the wind has changed: in Via Aldo Rossi they have taken other roads, while in Corso Vittorio Emanuele Pellegrini's candidacy is taking shape. In fact, his profile has had the full consent of the technical area manager Piero Ausilio who in recent weeks has moved on several fronts to strengthen the rose ahead of next season. After stopping Argentina's striker Lautaro Martinez promptly, two excellent zero parameters have fallen in the Inter network: the central defender De Vrij from Lazio and the Asamoah from Juventus.

Now the Nerazzurri attentions are all for the reinforcements there in between. It is too early to draw conclusions about the expensive Rafinha redemption from Barcelona (38 million euros), although a waiting strategy for obtaining a substantial discount from the Catalan club is to be taken for granted. If not even a renewal of the loan, maybe two years. We will see. Meanwhile, there is news of a sharp stop for the Brazilian Bernard of Shakhtar Donetsk. The 007 Interisti followed him for a long time, but the result was negative. The costs for a non-EU player are too high. Obviously the research will continue with new candidates, meanwhile it is significant to record the accelerated for the Romanist, now within the National.Follow premium extra tips and bet on your favourite team.

On returning to the Capital Pellegrini renewed the contract with the Trigoria company, obtaining a favorable clause. Right now it could change the shirt for 25 million euros, but when it has exceeded 25 appearances from 45 '(now it is at 21) the cost of the card will increase to 30 million. But above all the player wants to see clearly on his technical future. In the next season he looks for a leading role, in line with his constant professional growth.

Rome will obviously do everything to convince him to stay and he keeps this opportunity in mind, but the next few weeks will be decisive to understand where he will play in the coming season. Inter is ready to give him strong guarantees, while Juventus appears distracted by the hunt for Emre Can: the first on the list of Marotta and Paratici. In the background there is also the strong interest of the PSG, with its rich contractual offers. But Pellegrini looks to money up to a certain point: it is a success first of all. At Roma it is very close, but the courtship of Spalletti ...

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